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Orange County Drivers Ed is owned and operated by me. I enjoy teaching. I take great pride in serving the Orange County community. I enjoy helping all Teens, Adults & Seniors to obtain and retain their Ca. Drivers Licenses. My Driving School offers a complete (36Hr) program for (*$199).

I've been teaching Drivers Ed & Drivers Training for more than (20 years). By teaching in a constant manner and also being a Certified School Bus Driver for (15 years) I have honed my skills on driving. I transport Special Ed Students from home to High School and back again. Sometimes even going back to the residence to conduct a driving lesson for their brothers and sisters. My back ground has been checked by every local, state and federal agency out there. APPROVED

Drivers Ed & Drivers Training Is My Specialty

You should know Drivers Ed understands having your loved one behind the wheel is a great responsibility. Drivers Ed does not take this lightly! As a State Certified School Bus driver and Driving Instructor, I protect my passengers, my student drivers, my training vehicle and the general public from any injury or accidents. I bring back all my passengers, student drivers, safe more skilled and knowledgeable about driving. Drivers Ed looks forward to your business and helping your teen.

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