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Adam Lamar

Took the online course first and passed my permit test with ease because of it. It was very easy to follow and did not take up too much time. This is my second driving lesson and everything has been great so far. My drving instructor Kevin Cruz is also a School Bus driver at my school Arnold O. Beckman so I know safety is a big concern to him and he knows what he is talking about. He has taught me a lot so far and I'm not worried about taking my License test in July thanks to his instructing.

Celine Vanney

Although I currently do not have my permit, Kevin Cruz from the OC Drivers Ed Company was able to make me feel comfortable on the road. He tells what to do and how to do it, while giving you helpful tips on how to remember certain rules. It was also extremely nice that I was able to get in my first lesson the day after calling. Overall this has been a good experience.

McKenna Ross

OC DRIVERS ED IS A GREAT PROGRAM. I had a great instructor Kevin Cruz. I signed up for an appointment and got an appointment the next day. I got to go on the freeway, which wasn't scaring at all. Kevin informs you on everything you need to know to get 100% on your drivers' test. I even listened to a message from one of his former students saying they got 100% on their driving text. I would tell my friends to go to OC Driver Ed. They also have the online permit test for free. I recommend OC DRIVER ED!

Maddie Curtis

I had my last driving lesson today and I'm extremely happy with all of the training I got! We covered everything that will be on my actual driving test, including parking, and I am confident that I will pass my test. Thanks Kevin for all your help! I will definitely tell my friends at EL Dorado HS about the great service you provide :)

Alison Harrison

My sister came here last year. She had fun. She said it was a very good program. They really covered it all. Now it's my turn to learn. She got her drivers' license on her first try at the DMV. She only missed 2 points on her driving test. The Drivers Ed part here is no cost. Like 30 hours you have to take. I'm going to try to get it all done this week. I can't wait to go driving after I got my driving permit. The enrollment process was very easy.

Whitney Bagley

I'm learning right now and so far it's been all great! I've never met a guy more knowledgeable about driving. He gave my father a ride to pick up his car as well! A really great teacher.

Quinn Roberts

The car that I drive is user friendly and easy to control. Everything is very well organized. I go to El Toro High School and it is a nice driving school that I've recommended to all my friends. I've had my first and my second driving lesson so far. The instructor is a very straight forward type of person and makes it easy to learn how to drive in a comfortable manner.

Tad Thayer

I have so far been on two drives along with Kevin, along with my sister, and I forgot my permit but he let me continue on without having to pay anything regardless of what the contract said. Kevin is a very knowledgeable man that sneaks in some jokes to help relieve the tension. – Tad

Ashley Nguyen

I'm Ashley Nguyen and go to Villa Park High School. I called in yesterday to have a lesson and Kevin took me in. He saved my life today as I was making a right turn in his very nice car. I almost hit the car in front of me and he quickly put down his brake. We were going to use varsity driving academy our instructor, but decided to use Kevin's service instead due to the very low price.

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Drivers Ed is owned, operated & instructed by me. I enjoy teaching and transporting teens to School. I drive a School Bus daily and have transported teens for more than 100,000 accident free miles. I've also instructed teens to drive more than 1,000,000 accident free miles as well. I take great pride in serving the Orange County community. I enjoy helping all Teens, Adults & Seniors to obtain and retain their Ca. Drivers Licenses. My Driving School offers the complete Ca. state required (36Hr) program for (*$199).

I've been teaching Drivers Ed & Drivers Training for more than (20 years). By teaching in a constant manner and also being a Certified School Bus Driver for (15 years) I have honed my skills on driving. I transport Special Ed Students from home to High School and back again. Sometimes even going back to the residence to conduct a driving lesson for their brothers and sisters. My back ground has been checked by every local, state and federal agency out there. APPROVED

Drivers Ed & Drivers Training Is My Specialty

You should know Drivers Ed understands having your loved one behind the wheel is a great responsibility. Drivers Ed does not take this lightly! As a State Certified School Bus driver and Driving Instructor, I protect my passengers, my student drivers, my training vehicle and the general public from any injury or accidents. I bring back all my passengers and student drivers safe more skilled and knowledgeable about driving. Drivers Ed looks forward to your business and helping your teens.

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